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Happy November and welcome to Emily Dyer Design’s debut blog post! A lot of great things are happening here at EDD, and we want to keep you updated on the latest and greatest. We are starting this monthly blog to share with you what’s going on at Emily Dyer Design and feature a recent project. If you would like to stay updated on blog posts and projects that we are working on please like our Facebook page, Emily Dyer Design, LLC, where you can always view and follow the status of our projects as well as receive notifications about new blog posts.  It’s an exciting time in the world of Interior Design (particularly in the “it” city of Nashville!) and we would love for you to be a part of it with us!

What’s Happening in Design:

Last month, Emily visited High Point Market and had an incredible time! High Point Market is a semi-annual trade show in North Carolina with over 2000 vendors spanning furniture, lighting, accents, fabrics, rugs, artwork and more.  One of the benefits of working with a designer is that we are able to stay ahead of the trends and have access to many trade-only resources to find just the thing for our clients.  High Point Market helps us to discover new vendors and see the latest products in person.  Check out the pictures of some of the exhibits we got to see!

Featured Project:

Our featured project for this month is the Brighton Update (#brightonupdate), which was so fun to work on with our open-minded clients!  The very first and most important step in any design project for us is really getting to know the client so we can customize the space to them. These clients are retired and spend the majority of their time in the den just the two of them; however, they also love to entertain in this space.  They enjoy crafting cocktails and wanted to spruce up the existing bar and also make it easier to access.  Overall they wanted the space to be livelier, brighter, more open and inviting, and comfortable (for 2 or for a party of 10!). With a blank slate, we got to work!

To make better use of the space, we designed a furniture plan that extended to the corners of the room and would comfortably seat two people to watch TV or eleven people for a party.  Our goal was to play up the grand scale of the room while still creating cozy vignettes.  We modified the built-ins with trim, paint, some fresh hardware and relocated the TV to give the room a balanced focal point.  We enlarged the bar opening and replaced the bar doors with a custom barn door to add bold character, almost like a piece of art.  We added several layers of lighting to allow our clients to adjust the level of lighting for different  functions.  To work with our client’s taste and lifestyle, we used performance fabrics {what are performance fabrics, you ask? check out our in-office demo below} that offer an elegant look but are easy to clean in case life happens.  These fabrics allowed us to inject color, pattern, and texture into the space to bring it to life.  We are so pleased with the end result, and our clients are, too!  They promptly scheduled their first party as soon as the project was complete so they could share their new space with their friends.  And that’s what it’s all about! Check out the before and after photos from the project below.





To follow more projects like this one as they are in progress, be sure to check out the project photo albums on our Facebook page and follow us on instagram @emily_dyer_design!

Stay tuned for next month’s blog post! We look forward to sharing it with you. 🙂

Performance Fabric In-Office Demo:

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